Cell Proof Serum - Anti-Aging Topical Collagen




Notes from the Pre-Launch Broadcast







Notes from the Prelaunch Live -


Cell Proof Serum can:

1.      It will Hydrate and Moisturize the Skin

2.      Reduce the appearancefine lines and wrinkles

3.      Deliver potent anti-oxidants

4.      Exfoliate the skin

5.      Immediate tightening of the skin (within 5 minutes)

6.      Most powerful and potent skin care product on the market

7.      This is the first product of the Best Premium Cell Proof SKIN CARE LINE



We won the best “Collagen Peptide” by Frost and Sullivan

Clinical Trials saw a 48% decrease in Wrinkles

Human Clinical Trials - 3rd party IRB approved study double blind placebo controlled which is the Gold standard that are peer reviewed and can be entered into the Medical Journals.


It is simple to use

– Cleanse

– Apply Serum

– Use your Moisturizer or Sunscreen as you normally do.


You can see improvement within 5 minutes of use. It’s the perfect compliment for your internal beauty regime.




It is a natural matrix of the maximum potency of Cosmetic Grade Collagen Peptide  

and HA which hydrates 6000%

If we take HA from another source it is not used within our skin

Normally other HA is in the millions of Daltons and can only sit on top of your skin

Our HA has a Low molecular weight which creates absorption


Cosmetic Grade


Our price point is extremely low for what it does. Most serums are on average $150

You are getting the most potent product available at a reasonable price.


·        Resilium Gum Blend which causes the tightening effect

·        French Plum Oil rich in Vitamin E and  is essential to help your body to create Cermides which is in our top layer of our skin to pull in moisture and helps mimic the natural lipid content.

·        Aloe Vera to sooth and repair

·        Meadow Foam for anti-aging and helps in moisture

·        Glycolic Acid for Cell Turnover – to help Exfoliate (non-formaldehyde type –should be good for people who have sensitive skin)

·        Allantoin to maximize the moisture level of the skin

·        African Birch Bard and Vitamin C which are powerful anti-oxidants- fights oxidative stress which causes the breakdown of our collagen in our skin



You could use the Serum with Modere I/D

a.      Oyngenate and open up Cells with ‘Infusion’

b.     Nourish Cells, Tighten pores, increase moisture with ‘Cell-Proof Serum’

c.      Finish up with Anti-Pollution protection with ‘Defense’


Social Marketers


Saying ‘Cosmetic Grade’ and ‘Patented’ in the same sentence is hugh for closing sales


80% of Skin Care Purchases are from Women – they are emotionally driven

We were told Bedtime Stories – not Bedtime facts and figures…hahaha

Stories and Pictures Sell



1.      Leverage the Pre-sale and call everyone before the 18th and be ready to put in their orders

2.      Call inactive Social Marketers and talk them thru re-launching their business

3.      You should buy 3 bottles – 1-You 2-Purse for Samples 3- Someone that wants it now

4.      Go Live on FB – tell them they could take a perfect selfie without a filter



1.      Get a Before/After 10 min photo of everyone you give a sample to and show them side by side


2.      Get a Before/After 10 min photo of everyone you sell Serum to and show them side by side


3.      Take photos of HANDS – maybe buy a bottle for your face and neck and one bottle for the rest


4.      Be a Product of the Product


5.      Objections can be handled with success stories and tools


6.      FB CURIOSITY POST ideas

       -Unboxing photo

      -Your Before / After photo

       -Company Before / After photos


7.      FB LIVE ideas


      -Demo with your own face

       -Showing Before/After’s

-Show a bit of Asma’s video


8.      Plan an EVENT- Here are some creative ideas for a Party/Event

       -Botox in a Bottle

      -Sandals and Serum

      - Salsa and Serum

Coffee & Collagen

        -Fountain of Youth

      -PJ Party – wash face/ serum/ shot of Liquid BioCell Collagen
















Cell Proof Serum - Anti-Aging Topical Collagen