Coconut oil
Medium chain fatty



He says coconut oil is one of the good fats. He says it helps prevent heart disease. See what he says about fatty acids and good heart health..

He claims many benefits from coconut oil and even babies can eat it and benefit by it. 

Good inside and out.  Dandruff  is caused by a fungus and coconut oil can help that.  

He clears up the confusion about coconut oil.

He says coconut oil can help thyroid function and heart health. Well documented. 

They were losing their 85 year old father to dementia but Coconut oil turned it around. Maybe it could help someone you love. They say there is no cure for it but.....

Coconut Oil Bandage: Heal Injuries and Infections at Breakneck Speeds




Cold and Flu

We have used h2o2 for years for cold and flu. Just use the 3% hydrogen peroxide you get from  the drug store. Using an eye dropper is the easiest way to administer it. We just lay on our side on the bed and relax. Have someone else or you can do it yourself but its always nice to be waited on to put it in. LOL Put in 3 drops in each ear. One ear at a time of course and hold it their for 10 minutes and drain it out on a tissue. Do the other ear the same. You can do it every few hours. Now sometimes it will tickle like crazy as it bubbles. Now a note of caution. Some people can't seem to handle it so don't push it on those folks but most it's no big deal. Best time to take it is when you feel you are coming down with cold or flu although you can use it during also. I've seen coconut oil stop cold and flu also and really shortens the duration.


Most women don't want to hear....

He says, Coconut oil helps to resist heart disease.

One of the only oils you can legitimately call a super food. 

Helps you burn more calories.

Protects your liver 

Stops bacteria for cavities and gum disease

Rids the body of lice, tap worm

stabilizes blood sugar levels and insulin absorption

many other oils can keep you cells from working properly see 

boosts thyroid levels 

reduces inflammation

help you get a flat belly 



If you replace all your long chain fatty acids with medium chain fatty acid you can lose up to 36 pounds in one year.

Coconut Oil is a Hit!

You may need an oil change.

This site is for information, a public service for all who care to know.

A word of caution. Start coconut oil internally a little at a time because you could detox fast and you could feel like  having the flu. 

Improves diabetic  blood sugar regulation 

Can balance blood sugar levels

Reverses  Dementia in many people

4 tablespoons daily

as well as improving Parkinson's

some report weight loss

Boosts physical strength and stamina

Works very quickly

Get some today

Protects against heart disease 

Corona virus 

Tell one person per week

Note: if you don't want to eat it, rub it on your chest

and neck and face you should see results. Make it a regular before bed.


Here again, 80 to 90 % symptoms will subside by the next day if you use H2O2 with the onset of cold or flu.


Coconut oil stimulates metabolism promoting both healthy thyroid and lactation. Intake of coconut oil while pregnant may help ensure that a mother will have lots of milk. Studies have proven that milk in breastfeeding mothers who takes coconut oil and other coconut products has higher amount of lauric acid.


The medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil, and primarily lauric acid, have been known to destroy enveloped viruses by researchers for many years. Dr. Fabian Dayrit, Ph.D. and Dr. Mary Newport, M.D. have just published a paper regarding coconut oil’s potential to also combat the new coronavirus currently infecting people in China.


Here’s mention of virgin coconut oil

Still on home cure, reader Manuel Q. Quimpo Jr. of Quezon City tells us of the uses of virgin coconut oil, another popular remedy for a host of health (and beauty) concerns.

This is not an endorsement. We’re just sharing his experience in this time of COVID-19 and the prohibitive cost of medical care and medicines. The government should act seriously on these public health problems.

At the risk of being accused of peddling unproven cures without scientific validation or approval by the Food and Drug Administration, we run his email (edited to fit) as a sample of how people look for inexpensive yet effective home remedy:

“You must know VCO – virgin coconut oil. It can save Filipinos from COVID-19 infections, and death.

“I’m a regular VCO user, a 67-year-old retired engineer who has been using VCO since 2006. During my son’s battle against stage-4 cancer, T-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I protected his lungs with 12 tbsp daily of VCO midway during his chemo days and post-treatment at the Philippine General Hospital.

“After five years, until now, he has been cleared (as shown in his yearly CT scan). He has a healthy seven-month-old daughter now. Surprised to be fertile after the chemo and radiation treatment. He married last May 2019.

“At three months, I put 2-3 drops of VCO directly to my apo’s infected right eye (every hour for three hours) to cure her pagmumuta. Infection cleared after three hours.

“Same with her face blisters, which were cleared after five days of continuous application. I now regularly apply VCO to her skin for insect bites, scratches, etc., avoiding synthetic doctor-prescribed medicines, especially steroids.

“For my COVID-19 protection when going out, I take 1 tbsp VCO, gargle then swallow, sniff 2-3 drops per nostril before going daily (3-4 times) to the market, grocery store, supermarts, S&R, etc.

“I take 3-4 tbsp 3x daily to cure any trankaso (flu) or hard-cough phlegm problems. These are usually cured in five days. I don’t take antibiotics or other medicines, except Fern C Vitamin C.

“I give VCO, a ‘pharmacy in a bottle,’ to friends and to poor and needy people complaining of various ailments. I’m happy to get feedback that they get cured.”

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